"Positive Reinforcement is Powerful."

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The Yeet Vault System

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A game console or streaming media device is locked inside the Yeet Vault which controls power to that unit. Kids earn Yeet CoinZ (physical/virtual) when they exhibit positive, proactive behavior. An inserted coin enables power to the device inside the Yeet Vault in increments of 15, 30, and 60 minutes. Parents are able to manage daily limits with allowable time frames and view data analytics through the app. 


TFT Screen

-5" Touch Screen -Enter User Codes -Countdown Timer -Pause Timer -Time out Warning Yellow, Orange, Red -Coin Character Images and Videos

LED Light Show

-RGB LED -Edge Lit -Any Color -Variety of Settings -Flash to Music -Countdown Warning - Yellow, Orange, Red


-Connect Yeet Vault To Your WiFi -App / Cloud Manager -Control Yeet Vault Remotely


-3" Speaker -Volume Control -Provides Countdown Audible Warning -Coin Entry Notification -Pause Timer Audio -Tamper Alarm -Door Open Notification -Coin Drawer Notification

App / Cloud Managed

-Connect Yeet Vault to Your WiFi -Register to Webste -Create Parent Account -Configure User Accounts and Passcodes -Set Allowable Time Frames -Set Maximum Time Per Days -Power Overide On / Off -Coin Entry Notifications -Tamper Alerts -Door / Coin Drawer Open Notifications

Locking Coin Drawer

-Single Molded Unit -Durable -Tamper Proof -Secure Locking Mechanism

Heat Dissipation

-Ventilation -Chimney Effect Heat Dissipation -Fan For Forced Air Heat Dissipation

YV TFT Screen_edited Circle.png

Positive Reinforcement


Frequently asked questions

Which game consoles work?

All game consoles work with the Yeet Vault. The Yeet Vault is large enough to accommodate the following game consoles: PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, PS2, PS3, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo ES, Wii, Wii U, XBox, XBox 360, XBox One, XBox One S, XBox One X. The Yeet Vault V works with vertical game consoles such as the Xbox Series X.

Which streaming media devices work?

Roku, Apple TV, FireStick, Chromecast

Can I control my TV with the Yeet Vault?

Although a TV won't fit in the Yeet Vault, you can control the streaming media device supplying the media to the TV or the WiFi Router for the TV. A streaming media device such as a Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, or Chromecast can be locked in the Yeet Vault. If the TV has the function embedded, you can control the WiFi router to which the TV connects.

Can I control an iPad with the Yeet Vault?

Devices such as iPads and other handheld mobile devices which have batteries and touchscreens cannot be locked in the Yeet Vault. However, you can control the Internet access of these devices (if they are WiFi connected) by controlling the WiFi router / access point to which they connect. We suggest buying a separate WiFi router for those devices, placing it in the Yeet Vault, and control power to that WiFi router.

Can I use this with a gaming PC/computer?

Yes. Although most computers won't fit inside the Yeet Vault, you can control their access to the Internet by controlling the WiFi router or Ethernet switch to which it attaches. Place the WiFi router or Ethernet switch inside the Yeet Vault

My child traded coins with his friend. Will the coins work in my Yeet Vault?

Yes, but you’ll need to register the coins with your Yeet Vault through the parent app.

Will the Yeet Vault work in my country?

Yes. The Yeet Vault will work in all countries.

Can I set different parental controls for each of my children?

Yes. Multiple user profiles can be configured for the Yeet Vault. The user profiles can be configured in the app. Users will enter a 4- 6 digit user code when they insert coins.

Is there a way to shut off the Yeet Vault through the app?

Yes. The Yeet Vault Parent app provides the ability to shut off the tenant device remotely with a 5 min warning. This will override any time or coins remaining in the system. Rollover minutes can be saved and used later.

Can I control the Yeet Vault remotely?

Yes. The parent app is able to control the Yeet Vault remotely through the Internet.

How does my child know the Yeet Vault is about to shut power to their device?

The Yeet Vault provides visual and audible warnings to the user when the timer reaches 5 min, 3 min, and 1 min. The TFT screen and the LED lit acrylic case will flash to warn the user. The Yeet Vault also provides audible warnings.

How will the Yeet Vault know which user is inserting a coin?

The user will enter their user code before entering a coin. If no user code is entered, the Yeet Vault will prompt for a user code when a coin is entered

How do I know how much my child has played?

The Yeet Vault app displays historic user statistics for the day, week and month

How will I know when my child is playing the game console?

When a coin is entered for play, the Yeet Vault app will notify you of the entry and time value.

Can the Yeet Vault be used with multiple consoles at the same time?

No. The Yeet Vault can only contain one device.

If I have multiple Yeet Vaults, is user information shared among them?

Yes. User profiles, minutes, and statistics are shared across all Yeet Vaults in a family account.

What kind of coins are available?

The Yeet Vault works with Yeet CoinZ that are registered with your Yeet Vault. When you buy new coins or are given new coins, you must register them through the parent app.

What kind of coins can be used in the Yeet Vault?

Only Yeet CoinZ can be used with the Yeet Vault

What color is the Yeet Vault?

All Yeet Vaults are made of clear acrylic and are edge lit with programmable LED lights so they can be almost any color you’d like. The LEDs can be configured from the app and can flash to the beat of music. The LED light show (flashing lights) is also one of the ways the Yeet Vault warns users that power to the tenant device will be shut off soon.

Will my child have enough time to shut down their game before time runs out?

Yes. The Yeet Vault provides visual and audible warnings as the time counts down. Warnings are provided starting at 5 min. The visual and audible warnings become more intense as the time gets closer to 00:00.